Special Announcement from Go Chief Executive Kevin Pomplun

It was around Halloween about 120 years ago, a pioneer got on top of a steel box, full of flammable liquid, resting on flammable rubber, and lit a spark. Then he was in motion, but he was safe. He was driving a car. 

This pioneer was Augustus Post, the founder of AAA (the American Automobile Association). He started the auto club in 1902 to give drivers maps, tow trucks, and insurance. We think this is one of the most important innovations of the last hundred years. These three parts assembled to become the auto club, and have been a key part of our driving culture ever since. 

Today, to celebrate the recent launch of iOS 13 and iPhone 11, Go is reimagining the auto club and introducing its drivers club. With the free iPhone app Go, members receive the Go Safe Map, Tow Map, and Go Insure that have all been custom designed on iPhone. 


When Apple Watch arrived four and a half years ago, we introduced the world’s first Safe Map. The Go Safe Map is now available in all 50 states letting everyone see the fastest and shortest routes, and now the safest routes. It has grown too. The Go Safe Map has expanded from 200 million data features to billions. From 45 years to 84 years of data. And it is now available on Maps with stunning new colors in Dark Mode.


When we make product we create what we want to use ourselves. Our team realized one of the most challenging times for drivers is when you need a tow. We thought “If you can push a button and get a car, why not push a button and get a tow?” The Tow Map now lets you dispatch a truck day or night. With a full scale US fleet available around the clock, Go now makes it effortless to get a tow truck, and get back to where you’re going without anxiety. 


The first person to buy insurance in an app, buy insurance in a text message, and buy insurance with Apple pay all bought insurance with Go. With iPhone Camera and machine learning, members can get a quote in 60 seconds in select states. After a strong first year full of positive customer responses, Go Insure is now rolling out across the US and expects to be at scale by the close of 2020. 

We want to thank all the Go members who have given us fresh ideas, inspiration, and keep driving us to create new compelling experiences. We also want to thank our partners in transportation infrastructure that make the Go Safe Map possible, the entire network of tow drivers connected to Go, and all of our partners in insurance operations that have enabled us to get to where we are now.

This chapter is our most exciting yet. We can’t wait to hear new inspiring stories, and are truly excited to deliver the world’s first drivers club. Designed on iPhone.

If you haven’t tried Go yet, we’d be delighted if you took it for a spin here

Kevin Pomplun, CEO