Go Launches Go Insure in Virginia

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 11, 2020 -- Do you remember the day you got your first car? You could taste your freedom — planned all the places you'll go, which beach sunset you would drive to first, and what music you'd jam out to with your friends. That's why here at Go, we can say we are thrilled to launch Go Insure to all Virginia residents.

With Go Insure, you can get a car insurance quote in 60 seconds with a quick photo and you'll be that much closer to freedom. 

To use Go Insure, members get a car insurance quote after they take a photo of their license. That photo generates an almost instant quote for their car insurance. Users can sign-up and pay for their insurance, easily and securely, with Apple Pay. 

The days of spending hours searching for car insurance and calling around for quotes are long gone. Here at Go, we know your time is valuable and it's better spent driving to places you love with the people you love.

Kevin Pomplun, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Go: "Four of our first five presidents were Virginians. So why not four of the first Go Insure states? From Hamptons Roads to Nova, we're excited you can now get there with Go."

For those of you who are a little more new to our company, Go is a Drivers Club designed for iPhone. We help people get to where they're going safely with the Go Safe Map, allowing you to see the fastest, shortest, and safest route. With Go Dispatch, day or night, receive roadside assistance to your exact location, 24/7. And Go Insure, car insurance that gives you time back. 

Together, Go wants you to easily reach any destination quickly and safely.

Next up: Go Insure is expanding to more states, if you want to know when Go Insure is live in your state download Go here. 

About Go

Go is a drivers club designed on iPhone. We believe the auto club was one of the most important innovations of the last hundred years. Now, we're reimagining it. We're driving change with the Go Safe Map, Go Dispatch, and Go Insure. We're excited to be on the journey with you, driving change with Drivers Club.

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