iOS Eng

Monument Valley, Sayonara, Headspace, most of the apps on your iPhone are small shrines to excellence. Not just how they look, move, and feel, but from their system design, service architecture, and simple extensibility. We believe in craftspersonship, intention in design, and most importantly execution. If your jam is SwiftUI, code that ships, and being 1 of the 10,000 apps that truly delights we definitely want to hang out.

Head of Ops

Go’s Co-Founder & CEO, Kevin Pomplun, is now looking for his #2, a core partner to lead as Head of Ops. You will have all senior management as direct reports. Very strong decision making authority aligned with Go’s principles. Your working relationship with Kevin is he will focus on the brand's three highest impact priorities. All “non-linear” drivers of member growth. You will own everything else, all “linear” drivers.

Data Eng

The data we gather, organize, and share enables some of what we think is the most compelling map infra. It is built from real-time events happening globally, historical structured data, and even some things that require creativity to get into usable form (tway IDs?) To us, data eng is about infrastructure, and infrastructure is about reliability. A lot of this role is gathering data, but most importantly being able to organize it and make it simple and something you can easily use to assmble into a form where the data science team can make impact.

System Eng

Full stack. A blank text editor is where you start. We don't have a preference if you're a Don Knuth fan who counts bits, or just assemble as much as is already out there. What we believe in is leverage, system design, and speed. We're highly collaborative, but also Go engineers singlehandedly own and operate the same amount of infra as 3-4 engineers at a large company.


A Go PM turns good ideas into very good actions, creating great results. They are driven by impact, able to execute unusually fast, and most likely at a large company right now. But can’t wait to take all the great training from there and apply into more action and less talking.

You’re most likely recently graduated, with a year to a year and a half training (like a Facebook RPM or Google APM). You effortlessly enable engineers, and naturally collaborate your two counterparts an EM and designer. You love mobile and don’t really understand why any one builds for desktop if it won’t exist soon.

You will take defined strategy, create a plan, set metrics, and execute. What works we’ll do more of. What doesn’t we’ll learn from and grow. And you’ll do what will make most exhausted because to you it’s energizing you win.


We post the Top 5 at a time. For other roles message us at if you have an idea of where you’d like to make an impact.